Walking bus project

For the primary schools of the Municipality of Milan

The Municipality of Milan and AMAT (Agency of Mobility Environment and Territory of the Municipality of Milan) have entrusted the coordination of the Walking Bus project to Legambiente and ABCittà in collaboration with Poliedra, in order to design, manage and activate the Walking Bus service in the primary schools of the Municipality of Milan.

The Walking Bus is a form of transport for elementary school pupils who are accompanied on foot to school by volunteer parents through an established route, along which the children, at the various stops arranged along the way, gather, according to a fixed schedule.

Along the route, approved by the Local Police from a safety point of view, children have the opportunity to chat with their classmates, respecting the environment and having an experience that makes them more independent.

During the project, children and their families will be involved in participatory activities on issues relating to mobility, safety, but also to responsible and aware behaviours in the various contexts of intervention.

The Walking Bus, in general, is also part of a larger project, “City in 15 minutes” which plans to reorganize the urban spaces of the city so that the citizen can find within 15 minutes on foot from home all they needed: work, shops, health facilities, schools, sports facilities, cultural spaces, bars and restaurants, meeting places and so on.

Client: Legambiente

Period: 2022 – 2023