Technical assistance to the Environmental Authority of the Lombardy Region 2021-2027

The project concerns support for the regional body in carrying out the function of Environmental Authority which has the task of orienting the programs financed with structural funds towards sustainability. This is in implementation of community provisions for compliance with the principles of sustainable development and European, national and regional environmental legislation. The assignment concerns PR FESR, PR FSE plus and Interreg IT-CH, which respectively support the competitiveness of the Lombardy territorial system, employment and training policies and cooperation between the two sides of the Italian and Swiss borders.

Among the main activities, the Environmental Authority:

  • collaborates with the regional offices that deal with the programs, cooperating with the Managing Authorities and those responsible for funding priorities;
  • contributes to the construction and implementation of the tools for implementing these priorities, through the inclusion of environmental sustainability criteria and the evaluation of project proposals;
  • deals with environmental monitoring and the drafting of periodic reports that analyze and evaluate the effects of the financed interventions;
  • contributes to the communication of the environmental results of the programs, and to training and raising awareness on environmental issues of officers and beneficiaries.

Client: Regione Lombardia

Period: 2023  2029