Consortium of Politecnico di Milano

We are a consortium of Politecnico di Milano, which is evaluated in all international rankings as a university of excellence.

The other members (besides Politecnico, which holds the majority) are Cefriel, MIP and POLIdesign, all consortia in which Politecnico is strongly present.

9 of the 12 Departments of the Politecnico participate in our Scientific Committee, and we also have a regular interaction with Fondazione Politecnico.

Our history

In 1992 the Research Center for Environmental and Territorial Economics and Management was established as an autonomous articulation of MIP (Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business). In 2000 the Center was relocated in Poliedra, constituting a section of the consortium. In the mid-2000s, following the closure of the other sections, the consortium assumed the current configuration.

Our mission

Our priority is the promotion of sustainability and of participation in decision processes regarding environmental and territorial issues, passenger and freight mobility and the enhancement of landscape and cultural heritage, also by means of innovative solutions and decision aiding tools.

Our vision

Our vision is for smart and sustainable cities and territories, in which coalesce technology and social innovation, device use and enhancement of communities, decision processes and participation.

Years of experience
EU ongoing projects

Our team

Our team is highly interdisciplinary, with technical, scientific and humanistic expertise.  We have a consolidated work experience in national and international complex partnerships.

Over time we have built an articulated network of collaborations with qualified experts and with technical-scientific partners.

Our governance

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors oversees the consortium activities and supervises economic-financial aspects.

Scientific Committee
9 of the 12 departments of Politecnico are represented in our Scientific Committee.

Our Gender Equality Plan

Poliedra’s Gender Equality Plan presents the Consortium’s policies for gender equality and equal opportunities for all. The plan has a three-year horizon and is in line with the requirements indicated by the European Commission.

We participate in