Technical assistance to the Environmental Authority of Regione Lombardia 2007-2013

The support activity to Environmental Authority concerns the actuation of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (POR), of the Rural Development Program (FEASR) and of the Cooperation Operational Programme between Italy and Switzerland (FESR).

The funding programme 2007-2013 has been launched after the transposition of SEA Directive and therefore it incorporated the application of SEA along all the programming phases, including the implementation and the monitoring phase. One of major experimental activity does concern the methodological frame and the setup and implementation of the environmental monitoring activity; this last was meant to be an evaluation process running aside the programming process and targeted at readdressing them whenever they demonstrated not to reach their environmental objectives. A special interest, moreover, featured the running experimentation on the Rural Development Program and on the relative tools (Local Development Leader Plans, Rural Districts); this experimentation is characterised by the use of territorial analysis also involving on-theme experts and significant stakeholders.

Concerning the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme, Poliedra has supported the design of the call for proposals and the subsequent review of the submitted projects. This is made by defining and applying environmental evaluation criteria and tools to check the environmental compliance. The activity focuses in particular on the funding priorities “mobility” (passengers and freight) and “integrated development of natural and cultural resources”.

Client: Regione Lombardia

Period: 2008 2014

The activity within the Cooperation Operational Programme is featured by the close collaboration between Poliedra (technical support) and the Regional/Provincial Environmental Authorities that joined the Program, within the so called Technical Group for Environment.