A DSS for the hazardous material transport in Milano

The aim of the project has been the design of a decision support system for the control and management of the transport of dangerous goods in the urban area of Milano.

The network features, the carried dangerous good, the urban topology, the territorial characteristics, the real time data and a set of rules are used to calculate the “best” path for the transport of hazardous materials. The rules will be designed in order to take care of the different importance of the elements defining the path cost, i.e. monetary cost, flow velocity, risk, etc.

The system will be implemented by the Municipality of Milano as a module of an integrated platform able to connect all the elements involved in the transportation of goods, and managed by the municipal control centre. The trucks will be monitored using cameras located at the city border and on-board-units, which will be compulsorily installed on the trucks.

Client: AMAT – Comune di Milano

Period: 2013