Smart Villages in Valle d'Aosta

Technical assistance for the 2021-2027 European Programming

Poliedra provided technical assistance to the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta in the preparatory activities for the 2021-2027 European Programming period, with specific reference to addressing them in a “smart villages” logic, toward the smart transition of the mountains by making full use of the opportunities provided by information and communication technologies.

In the first phase, the activities focused on an in-depth survey of the regional actors, of the regional needs for the new programming, and on the consequent creation and sharing of a specific smartness assessment procedure structured in the dimensions of Economy, Environment, Governance, Living, Mobility and People (at regional and local level) aimed at outlining the main “smart villages” intervention guidelines for the new Programming period and at supporting the definition of specific measures.

The results obtained were shared at regional level and at the level of entities of the regional system and led to an in-depth inclusion of the ‘smart villages’ theme in the Region, followed by its entry into the SmartCommUnity Alpine Space partnership and the creation of two new projects in Valle d’Aosta, Smart Villages AdG FEASR VdA and SEROI+ Smart Villages.

Client: Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley

Period: 2020 – 2022