A Decision Support System for the implementation and monitoring of the National Sustainable Development Strategy

The general objective of the research is to identify governance models suitable for different regional contexts and define the characteristics of a modular decision support system (DSS) applicable to different territorial scales, able to support the implementation and the monitoring of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (SNSvS).
The SSD intends to overcome the obstacles to the implementation of the sustainability objectives deriving from the inadequacy of the coordination among sectoral policies and among different governance scales and of the weakness of the integrated assessment tools, which today focus mainly on the identification of a set of context indicators valid at the national / regional scale. In particular, the research proposes to investigate ways, themes, roles and rules for:
– the adoption of an integrated assessment system focused on the contribution of sectoral policies at different scales, which can support the construction of policies aimed at implementing the sustainability goals;
– the construction of process, contribution and context indicators;
– the participation of civil society in decision-making processes related to the SNSvS implementation.

Period: 2020 – 2022