Building on the concept of Smart Villages towards a transnational and EUSALP-integrated Smart Community in the Alps

SmartCommUnity aims to continue on the path of Alpine Space SmartVillages towards the creation of a community of smart and sustainable mountain areas that are fully integrated into the Smart Alps network of the European Macro-Regional Strategy (EUSALP). SmartCommUnity includes the participation of 12 partners from 6 European countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland), and 18 test areas divided into ‘lighthouse’ test areas, more advanced in their smart transition activities and of ‘follower’ test areas, that begin their journey of digital and ecological transition.

Poliedra supports the three WPs of the project by helping to define the definitions and criteria for Smart Communities, supporting the creation of digital participation tools and supporting the test areas in their path of participation and implementation of actions.

Funding programme: Interreg Alpine Space

Period: 2022  2025