Green Filling Station

Green Filling Station is part of the Nord Energia S.p.A. project, a company owned by Ferrovie Nord Milano S.p.A. and by SPE Società per Partecipazioni Energetiche S.A., to implement a “green recharging” infrastructure for green mobility. The idea is to associate the e- charging infrastructure with a other green services for a customer with a high environmental sensitivity, such as food stores, organic bars and restaurants, “environmentally friendly” products / services shops and fitness-wellness points. The project, which was born to have a national and European dimension, starts from a field test on the metropolitan area of ​​Milan.

Poliedra has defined the criteria for the localization of the Green Filling Stations in the test area, through a modular model, which allows through a geographical information system to choose in a flexible way which criteria to use and with which level of importance, thus allowing to simulate different scenarios.

Client: Nord Energia S.p.A.

Period: 2018