Alpine Space Sustainable Territories

Technical assistance to Regione Lombardia within the CESBA Alps project. The aim of the project was

to identify common tools and indicators for assessing the environmental, territorial, economic and social sustainability of mountain alpine regions.

Poliedra supported Regione Lombardia in every project’s phase, starting from the definition of a set of local indicators, significant for Lombardy, and the selection, together with all the project’s partners, of some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), a small set of common indicators. The KPIs have been used to fill in a “Passport” describing the sustainabilty features of each territory.

After testing the indicators on a pilot case on regional basis (Municipalities of Clusone and Seriana Valley, in the Bergamo Province), a software prototype has been developed to allow the comparison and the representation of the different territories sustainability performances, also simulating the time trend and supporting the definition and evaluation of local territorial policies.

Guidelines were then developed for the implementation of the project’s tools within the regional policies, starting from feasibility studies carried out at regional level. Finally, a preliminary assessment on the introduction of a territorial quality label at a transnational level was developed by project’s partners.

Client: Regione Lombardia

Funding programme: Interreg Alpine Space

Period: 2016  2019

Web-site: www.alpine-space.eu/projects/cesba-alps