Stazione Radio - Prima fermata

A shared vision for the sustainable promotion of the Martesana area

Stazione Radio – Prima fermata, is a project promoted by Social Green Way – Impresa Sociale srl with the partnership of Poliedra and co-funded by Fondazione Comunità di Milano. The project aims to start the regeneration of the RFI Milano Centrale’s railway electrical substation, located on Naviglio Martesana, requalifying the building and giving it a new function, making it the starting point to the territorial discovery, the headquarter of the radio, the events and the training and educational courses.

The project has four main objectives:

  • Promotion and enhance of the territorial attractiveness on a local scale, building up urban regeneration process, and on a over-local scale, promoting Martesana area;
  • Dissemination of environmental, economical and social sustainability themes, promoting individual and collective best practices;
  • Enhancing the cultural and aggregation offer of the area, to guarantee a more equal access to human capital;
  • Improve the social cohesion and inclusion of more fragile categories of citizens with the aim of social innovation.

To foster the creation of urban regeneration projects involving all the Naviglio Martesana territory and beyond, Poliedra supports Social Green Way in the creation of a dialogue with the territorial stakeholders to create a collaborative strategy about the sustainability of the area; the expected goals are the creation of a network of stakeholders and a shared common vision that can become the basement for defining further territorial valorisation projects.

Poliedra activities are:

  • territorial stakeholder mapping;
  • organisation of stakeholder engagement to create a network;
  • to support the creation of a shared vision or the sustainable promotion of the Martesana area.

Client: Social Green WayImpresa Sociale Srl.

Co-funded by Fondazione Comunità di Milano

Period: 2020 – 2022