Environmental facilitation for A.R.AL. SpA

Facilitation of a participatory process and strategic stakeholder engagement for A.R.AL. SpA, company in charge of the treatment and disposal of urban waste in the Alessandria Province 

Poliedra supported, together with Ascolto Attivo, the kickoff phase of a process of environmental facilitation, consultation and stakeholder engagement (mainly among the associates of A.R.AL., in-house company of the municipality of Alessandria), in order to: 

  • re-shape the relationship between the company and its associates through their straightforward engagement in the processes of strategy development and decision making, and through a better sharing of key elements for evaluating future scenarios  
  • contribute to make the company’s development plans more transparent, especially those regarding the waste collection sites of Solero and Castelceriolo 
  • set up initiatives to inform, share, facilitate and engage citizens for increasing their awareness in relation to the choices of the company regarding systems development for the treatment of urban waste, which could affect the surrounding areas at the environmental and social level 

Activities carried out by Poliedra: 

  • documents analysis and writing of a Dossier to present and discuss with the company’s associates A.R.AL.’s Environmental and Industrial Improvement Plan 2023-2026 
  • educational activities on participation and facilitation for the company management, the collaborators and the employees   
  • cycle of meetings for presenting, discussing and validating the Dossier
  • mapping of the main local stakeholders and design of a possible broader participatory process for the district 
  • sharing and communication of the various steps of the facilitation and participation process 

The project was activated within the framework of the Facilitambiente initiative of the Camera di Commercio di Milano-Monza-Brianza-Lodi and of the Camera Arbitrale di Milano, created to facilitate the dialogue between citizens, companies and public administrations and to prevent environmental controversies. 

Client: A.R.AL. SpA – Azienda Rifiuti Alessandrina
Period: 2022 – 2023