Smart ERA

Smart community-led transition for Europe’s Rural Areas

Smart ERA, a Horizon Europe project with 24 partners from 10 European countries, has as its main aim to revitalize rural areas of Europe with very different characteristics, but sharing elements of marginality and decline, through the creation of Smart Innovation Packages (SIP) co-built with local populations. SIPs will include technological, governance, financial tools, as well as social and policy aspects.

The project recognizes the need for strategic and shared interventions, to build innovative and lasting solutions together with local communities, and will work specifically in 6 pilot areas in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

Poliedra contributes to the definition of SIPs, to the sharing of good practices and assessment methodologies, to the collection of policies, with specific reference to WP2, 3 and 6.

Funding program: Horizon Europe

Period: 2024 – 2027