Green infrastructures for increasing biodiversity in Agro Pontino and Maltese rural areas

Poliedra was partner of GREENCHANGE “Green infrastructures for increasing biodiversity in Agro Pontino and Maltese rural areas”, a LIFE Nature project (LIFE17 NAT/IT/000619) involving the Province of Latina, as lead partner, CIRF (Italian Centre for River Restoration), U-Space, Confagricoltura and MIEMA (Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency).

The project aimed at promoting the biodiversity protection and enhancing the ecological value of agricultural systems in the Agro Pontino region and in the rural areas of Malta, through the implementation of green infrastructures and the promotion of sustainable farming practices. A multi-stakeholder governance system guarantees the involvement of the local actors and contributes to the farmers’ aware raising with particular regard to their role in biodiversity preservation and strengthening.

In detail, our activities included:

  • mapping and evaluation of ecosystem services in these areas
  • design of paths and tools for the orientation and environmental training of farmers
  • definition of the Biodiversity Pact as a multilevel governance instrument
  • creation of events, including international ones, of replicability and in-depth analysis on the issues of land stewardship
  • development of tools for communicating the project such as short films
  • monitoring of the environmental, socio-economic and territorial effects of the project actions

Funding programme: LIFE

Period: 2018 2023


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After Life Plan

Layman’s report