SEA of the Territorial Coordination Plan of Milano Province

The project has concerned the support to the Province of Milan for coordinating and managing the VAS procedure in order to conform the contents of the Territorial Coordination Plan to the Regional law for Territorial Government, elaborated between 2005 and 2008.

The activities included a participative process, allowing uninterrupted interactions between the Province technical office, responsible for conforming the contents of the Plan, and all the institutional actors. Inter-institutional worktables, thematic forums and workshops have been organized and managed by Poliedra. The SEA provides useful guidelines (indications and suggestions) both for the implementation and the management phase. Furthermore, guidelines allowed to increase the environmental sustainability of the Plan by putting it on relation with lower-level plans, like areal and local government (Municipal) plans.

A particular attention was given to:

  • the impacts of the scheduled interventions to the transport system on landscape and environment;
  • the monitoring of environmental fallouts deriving from the implementation of the infrastructural scenario;
  • regulate the development of supra-municipal hubs;
  • the strategies for limiting soil consumption;
  • monitor agricultural areas potentially not included into existing and registered agricultural areas.

The analysis and the methodologies have been recently revised along with the development of a new SEA procedure launched by the Province Council in October, 2011.

Client: Provincia di Milano

Period: 2006 2008