Milano Transition Fund

The Milano 2026 Transition Fund project, in line with the “Green Deal” and “Renovation Wave” initiatives of the European Commission, aims to develop an innovative financing mechanism to support the spending commitment for the implementation of technical and technological solutions in the deep renovation of private and public buildings, aimed at improving the quality of homes and achieving zero-energy consumption.

The MTF2026 project was developed through a co-design process that involved representatives of the Associations of condominium managers, tenants and technical operators in the building sector.

The model developed and proposed by the MTF2026 project aims to lay the foundations for the launching of a broad and profound energy requalification program for buildings, by renewing both the envelopes and the energy systems, aggregating the demand and combining elements of regeneration of the interesed neighborhoods through implementation of green infrastructures and public spaces, in a systemic vision for a “carbon neutral community agenda“.

MTF2026 is co-financed by EIT Climate-KIC e the project partnership involves, togheter with Poliedra: Politecnico di Milano – Dipartimento di Energia (coordinator), Milano Municipality, Bankers Without Boundaries, Dark Matter Laboratories, AMAT and REDO SGR.

Poliedra is responsible for the design and implementation of the innovative path for the participation and engagement of final users (condominium administrators, tenants, citizens of the pilot area) in support of the project actions.

Funding programme: EIT Climate-KIC

Period: 2020