Vodafone's FTTH Italian network optimization tool

Poliedra designed and implemented an optimization tool to support the development plan of Vodafone’s Italian optical fiber network FTTH (Fiber to the Home).

The tool models the nodes of the Italian network on three hierarchical levels and, for each level, allows the view of load statistics in terms of number of users and traffic peaks.

The tool forecasts the user demand growth and reports possible criticalities of the network that could arise in the short term, with respect to the constraints imposed by the installed hardware resources.

Based on the current status of the network and on the growth of user demand, the tool suggests a reconfiguration of the network nodes to distribute the loads with an optimal balance. The proposed network configuration helps to avoid critical risks, makes a proper use of the available hardware resources and minimizes the costs for new resources, for an optimal development of the network in the short / medium term.

The tool allows operating on specific sectors of the Italian network as well as on the entire network, and was designed with a highly parametric approach to be adaptable to other network technologies and to be scalable on the entire European FTTH network.

Client: Vodafone Italia SpA

Period: 2020