Strategic Document for the Sustainable Development of Lombardy

Towards the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development

Poliedra coordinated the elaboration of a Strategic Document for the Sustainable Development of Lombardy and directly took care of the contents related to goals 6 (clean water and sanitation), 7 (clean and accessible energy), 13 (climate action), 15 (life on earth) of the 2030 Agenda.

For each goal we developed a dossier, which included:

  • the framework of medium-long term objectives assumed by European and national policies, any already defined regional objectives and positioning of Lombardy;
  • a review of monitoring indicators adopted by regional plans and programs;
  • a summary of the main contents of plans/programmes related with the goal;
  • a first definition of the challenges to be addressed to pursue the medium-long term objectives, highlighting the correlations (e.g. synergies, trade offs) among different goals.

Such step led to the elaboration of a Proposal for a Strategic Document, in which Poliedra edited the chapters Climate change mitigation, energy production and consumption and Eco-landscape system, adaptation, agriculture. Each chapter contains:

  • elements of a vision of Lombardy for the future (2030-2050)
  • list of targets of the 2030 Agenda and reference objectives of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development
  • priority strategic challenges accompanied by some context indicators populated at national and regional level
  • quantitative targets derived from regional policies or from superordinate policies

The Proposal for a Strategic Document was the basis of the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development, firstly approved in 2021 and regularly updated since then.

PoliS Lombardia

Period: 2019 – 2020