Smart mobility at Milano4You

Accessibility and electric mobility for a new smart district

Milano4You is a new digital smart district that will be realized in the Municipality of Segrate. It is going to be an innovative and integrate ecosystem that will be based on a strong design of spaces, providing innovative materials, systems and construction techniques.


  • analysed the accessibility of Milano4You, with a particular focus on cycle accessibility: different paths from the Municipality of Milano towards the project area and from Milano4You towards some Points of local/territorial Interest were object of surveys and site visits, with the aim of finding the best routes and to propose improvements where needed
  • defined models of electric mobility and micro-mobility, considering both the owning and the sharing of vehicles: from interviewing actors expert in urban mobility some innovative solutions for Milano4You were designed
  • studied the integration between the area of Milano4You and PLIS Parco delle Cascine rural park, as fundamental path to set the new smart district inside the territory

Client: RED Srl

Period: 2019

Accessibility and electric mobility for a new smart district Period: 2019