Permanent Citizens' Assembly on Climate

The Municipality of Milan adopted (February 2022) the Air and Climate Plan – PAC, a strategic tool to protect health and the environment, aimed at reducing air pollution and responding to the climate emergency. The PAC consists of a package of 49 actions, one of which provides for the activation of a Permanent Citizens’ Assembly on Climate (Action 5.1.4), a participatory institution composed of a representative sample of 90 Milanese citizens, drawn by lots.

The Citizens’ Assembly officially kicked off on December 3rd 2022 with its first plenary meeting, which saw the participation of 45 citizens from all over the Municipality. Another 45 citizens were added in the month of March 2023, to reach the complete composition of 90 members. The Citizens’ Assembly will accompany the implementation of the Air and Climate Plan for all its duration (i.e. until 2030), in close relationship with the municipal administration.

Poliedra, on behalf of AMAT Agency, supports the Municipality of Milan in the design, start-up, management and facilitation of the Permanent Citizens’ Assembly, which means dealing with:

  • the implementation of the preparatory activities for the start of the Assembly: detailed planning of the its governance and functioning; methodological support to the sortation and selection process of the sample of citizens; contribution to the development and provision of the training package for participants on the climate issues covered by the work of the Assembly; preparation of the monitoring system for the functioning of the new participatory institute itself;
  • providing support for the public presentation and launch of the Assembly (autumn 2022), for the communication of the initiative and for the preparation of the process dedicated to the Assembly in the municipal platform for digital participation Milano Partecipa;
  • the organization and facilitation of the appointments of the Citizens’ Assembly, which meets every two months in plenary session and is organized into thematic working groups.

Client: AMAT –  Agenzia Mobilità, Ambiente e Territorio di Milano

Period: 2022 – 2023

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