City Water Circles

Urban Cooperation Models for enhancing Water Efficiency and Reuse in Central European functional urban areas with an integrated Circular Economy approach

Climate change is making Central European cities increasingly vulnerable against water scarcity problems and urban floods. The City Water Circles project aimed at promoting water saving culture, measures for urban rainwater harvesting and utilization as well as greywater recovery, and Nature-Based Solutions for water management.

Partners (municipalities, public water companies and thematic expert organizations) from six countries joined forces to create a knowledge base for urban circular water management and co-develop with local stakeholders a set of innovative methods and tools usable all around Central Europe. The partners demonstrated these solutions in five pilot actions tailored to local needs, developed local strategies and action plans, and elaborateed related policy recommendations for national decision-makers.

Poliedra was responsible for:

  • stakeholder engagementcoordination
  • capacity buildingprocess organization
  • smart governancetools identification
  • assessment methodologydefinition of the project urban areas