Tre Piazze nel Parco - Reinventing Cities Milano

Support in preparation of the winning project focused on Lambrate site in Milan, for the second edition of Reinventing Cities Competition

Poliedra is part of the bidding team of the “Tre Piazze nel Parco” project, winner of the second edition of Reinventing Cities international competition, launched by C40 in accordance to the Municipality of Milan. The project pursues the urban regeneration of the Lambrate railway yard, in Milan.

The multidisciplinary Lambrate Streaming team led by Sant’Ilario Società cooperativa edilizia and coordinated by Caputo Partnership International S.r.l. (masterplan and architecture) includes, in addition to Poliedra, Tekne S.p.A. (environment, structures, technical systems), Pro Iter S.r.l. (mobility and infrastructures), Studio Giorgetta (landscape), Ernst & Young and Ambiente Italia Progetti S.r.l., the lawyer Guido Bardelli and the artist Giorgio Milani.

The Masterplan designed by Caputo Partnership International defines a strategy for developing a carbon neutral district with a particular focus on well-being and social inclusion.

The proposal identifies a new model of residential neighborhood, with affordable housing solutions dedicated to young people and temporary living. Green spaces, affordable housing, services located within 15 minutes walking and an integrated system of sustainable mobility connected to the neighboring districts of Città Studi and Lambrate, will contribute to redesign a Milan more sustainable, equitable and international.

During the project proposal preparation, Poliedra worked in particular on:

  • the design of public spaces, functions and services,
  • the model for the collaborative management of public spaces and services, and of social housing,
  • the stakeholder and citizen engagement strategy for the co-design of public spaces and services,
  • the evaluation of the expected benefits from the realization of the project for the community.

In the design and implementation phase Poliedra will manage the local stakeholder and community engagement process in order to co-design public services and functions and will support the creation of a Social District Manager for future management of the district.

Client: Sant’Ilario Cooperativa Sociale Edilizia

Period: 2020 – 2021

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