Citizens' table for the Milano Air and Climate Plan

In January and February 2021, at the conclusion of the participatory process prior to the approval of the Air and Climate Plan (PAC) implemented by the Municipality of Milano in 2020 thanks also to the support of the EIT Climate-KIC Deep Demonstrator Milano (DDMi) project, the Milano Administration’s Participation Department wanted to promote the activation of a “Citizens’ Table”, an experience that represents the first pilot case of “democracy by lot” for the city.

The Citizens’ Table, made up of a group of 44 participants chosen according to a grid of criteria of representativeness of the city community from among those of the 5,000 drawn who responded to the municipality’s call to participate, met over three Saturday mornings, in digital mode due to the restrictions on face-to-face meetings caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The objective of the Table was to confront, discuss and deepen their reflections on the Plan and its Actions, formulating observations and reflections assisted by facilitators and technical figures from the Municipal Administration, and thus contributing to representing the citizenry’s climate priorities.

Poliedra, on behalf of the Municipality of Milan and in collaboration with AMAT, supported the organisation and management of the Citizens’ Table, the return of its indications and outcomes within the framework of the Air and Climate Plan consultation process as well as the evaluation of the experience as a reference for the development of the feasibility plan and the mechanism for the possible functioning of the Permanent Citizens’ Representative Body for the Climate provided by the Air and Climate Plan itself (Action 5.1.4).

Client: AMAT – Agenzia Mobilità, Ambiente e Territorio di Milano 

Period: 2021

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