Switch to a new way of transport

The GETRI project, “Switch to a new way of transport”, was an Interreg Italy – Switzerland project on integrated and sustainable mobility (Axis 3), regarding inter-modal systems for road-rail integration in cross-border transport of aggregates.

The objectives of the project were:

  1. Contribute to the optimization of the transport of virgin aggregates from Italy to Switzerland and of inert waste from Switzerland to Italy
  2. Evaluate and enhance an intermodal system that provides for the integration of road and rail transport
  3. Improving the planning of cross-border logistics and administrative management, acting in a coordinated manner on all stakeholders in the supply chain
  4. Reduce the environmental impact of road transport of inert materials

Within the project, Poliedra was in charge, on behalf of Provincia di Varese, of the analysis of the environmental impacts of the different modalities of transport in the cases at play. More specifically Poliedra:

  • Analysed the typologies of environmental impacts of the proposed inter-modal transport operating model and contextualised them in the specific area considered in GETRI,
  • Set up an integrated monitoring system of the effects of interventions implementing the proposed operating model, and tested it on the pilot carried out by the project,
  • Contributed to the communication and dissemination of results to different targets (policy makers, economic operators, scientific community, public).

Client: Provincia di Varese

Funding programme: Interreg Italy-Switzerland

Period: 2020 – 2021


Twitter: SWITCH – GeTRI