Sustainable consumption in Public Administration

Technical Assistance to ARPA within the project, promoted by Lombardia Region, aimed at favouring sustainability in the Public Administration consumption patterns. The activities included:

  • monitoring of the sustainable consumption of Public Administration in Lombardia, achieved through a survey on the whole regional territory that produced the publication “The green procurement of public administration in Lombardia. 2008 Monitoring”;
  • opening of an information desk at the Lombardia Region for information and reports on good practices, green calls, initiatives of the regional system and the networking of the players on the GPP;
  • technical support to the Regional Purchasing Headquarter to include environmental criteria in regional tenders for the supply of certain goods and services (photocopiers for hire, management of the printing, paper supplying);
  • support to the Lombardia Region and to the Headquarter in informing and raising Local Authorities awareness towards adherence to the green conventions.

Client: ARPA Lombardia

Period: 2008