Integration of environmental concerns and public participation into land planning processes

Project funded by the European Commission within the LIFE – Environment Programme and by Regione Lombardia. The main objective of the project is to design and implement a methodology and a Decision Support System (DSS) for integrating environmental concerns and public participation into land planning processes.

The methodology and the DSS are tested for the definition of strategic options of tourism development in the partner municipalities in the area of Garda Lake.

The project is composed by four technical phases, with the following achieved results:

  • Data catalogue and light information system
  • Procedures communication software
  • Software for:
    • drawing the cause-condition-effect chains;
    • give indications for impacts forecasting.
  • Multi-criteria analysis based software for:
    • identifying the decision makers’ and stakeholders’ preferences;
    • comparing the plan alternatives;
    • analyzing how the solution changes as some parameters change;
    • supporting the conflict management.

Funding programme: European Union (LIFE)

Cofunded by: Ambiente Regione Lombardia

Period: 2017  2021