SEA of the Transport and Mobility Programme of Regione Lombardia

In partnership with Studio Gioia Gibelli, Poliedra worked at the environmental assessment of the Transport and Mobility Programme of Regione Lombardia.

The assessment methodology has been defined in connection with the development of the regional Environmental sustainability strategy. The main distinctive methodological elements introduced by the strategy refer to: the concepts of vulnerability and resilience, the territorial approach, the transversal key themes Health and quality of life, Landscape, Climate Change.
In the environmental report of the Transport and mobility programme, the assessment of the short-term and medium-term scenarios is based on a set of indicators, descriptors of the main effects of the new linear infrastructure (road and rail) on landscape and environment. The effects analyzed include: land consumption, landscape and habitat fragmentation, interference with agricultural and natural land use, interference with parks and ecological network, interference with water bodies, interference with residential areas.

Client: Regione Lombardia

Period: 2014 2016

The Programme was approved by the Regional Council on September 20, 2016.