SEA of the Regional Territorial Plan of Malpensa area

The Malpensa territory is a high value area in terms of both ecological and landscape assets, thanks to the protection guaranteed by the regional wildlife area called “Parco del Ticino”.

During the SEA procedure, Poliedra gave support in the following activities: environmental framework analysis, plan and SEA paths setting, documents writing (also impact assessment on wildlife included), environmental monitoring system setting. The analysis considered as priority the following themes: air pollution, noise, flood risk and stream water vulnerability, sole consumption and fragmentation of rural areas, ecological network.

The study includes these contents:

  • critical analysis of objectives and environmental works designed by the Malpensa Area plan draft (this draft was never completely executed);
  • definition of environmental sustainability priority objectives and environmental criteria for the new area-plan;
  • methodological proposal focused on anticipative environmental compensation of residual negative impacts.

Client: Regione Lombardia

Period: 2009 2010