SEA of the Electric National Network development Annual Plan

The National Electric Grid Development Plan has a ten-years time validity and is yearly revised to update the whole set of interventions to be implemented on the national electric grid. Interventions are classified according to their character into strategic (identification of needs and possible macro-solutions), structural (localization of electric corridors) and implementation-oriented (definition of the feasibility belt for the electric line layout). The Plan assessment and approval are on the whole performed at the National level but the compulsory release of building permit is also on charge of Regions and Local bodies; this is the reason why it is necessary to define the relationship between National and Regional levels and the conditions allowing both decisional autonomy at a Regional scale and an overall evaluation of the Plan at a National scale.

Client: GRTN/Terna SpA

Period: 2004 2009

The SEA procedure has been started in an experimental way before the National legislative transposition of the European Directive. It has been managed by a worktable that gathered GRTN/Terna S.p.A., Italian Ministries, Regions, ISPRA (Superior Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, ex APAT, Environmental Protection and Technical Services Agency) and Poliedra as a technical and methodological support partner. The experimental activity has been carried on for years until the conclusion of the compulsory legislative transposition procedure