PGT – Comune di Monza

The project, in ATI with Ubistudio, concerns the development of the administration plan for the City of Monza with the following objectives: to limit the land consumption, to create the green and the slow mobility network, to exploit the areas with social value, to enhancement and refurbish the existing buildings, to retrain and re-naturalise the agricultural areas, to reconsider the focus of the economic urban sector and to promote social housing and social mixité.

The process of preparation of the new Plan Document was accompanied by a rich process of public involvement, which aimed to bring out the point of view of stakeholders and citizens and to involve them to propose ideas for the development of Monza. More specifically, since February 2014, were organized: a public meeting to present and start the project; two thematic working groups (dedicated to “The existing city and its resources” and “Living Monza: Centers of Life, green areas, soft mobility network and well-being “); a number of public events in the district neighborhood, a dedicated forum online.

Client: Comune di Monza

Period: 2012 2016