OPTImal and sustainable LOGistic in urban areas

The OptiLog project designed and developed a software for the management and control of a two-tiered urban logistic model, applicable both to towns and cities of Lombardia Region (Bormio, Cremona, Lecco and Milano).
This model is based onto the introduction of a last node into the supply-chain, the urban logistic platform that enables the use of bikes and light vehicles for last-mile delivery.

The contribution of Poliedra to the project focused on:

  • the design and development of the Supply and Demand matching component of the OptiLog software that optimally assigns the shipments included in the controlled area to the available vehicles, taking into account the constraints of capacity (volume, weight, # of parcels), autonomy, speed and of parcel-vehicle and parcel-delivery company incompatibilities;
  • the design of the routing component by which the software enable an “on demand” delivery service without compromising the overall level of service;
  • the design and test of a software for evaluating and rewarding drivers and riders’ eco and safe driving styles;
  • the research and design of a possible rewarding scheme for the actors of urban logistic;
  • the design of the communication strategy, of the visual identity and of the support materials (flyers, brochure, roll-up and website).

Client: Regione Lombardia

Period: 2014 2015