More than a Village

Smart village transition, a model for more competitive and attractive villages in Central Europe

More than a Village intends to work on extending the concept of smart village to rural areas of Central Europe up to the creation of an ad hoc and joint strategy for the rural areas of the countries involved: Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. The project includes 3 pilot cases to be developed in 5 distinct test areas, with topics such as business innovation, smart tourism and smart agriculture: from the pilot cases the project aims to result in a joint strategy and in the mobilization of local policy makers to ensure its durability and dissemination on each territory.

Poliedra is the leader of WP1 “Building: Joint approach and strategy to make villages smarter “, dedicated to building the common framework, defining the methodology and supporting partners in organizing their local stakeholder groups.

Funding programme: Interreg Central Europe

Period: 2023 – 2026