Landscape impact assessment and landscape assessment report of buildings in the Milan EXPO 2015 site

Thanks to a Metropolitana Milanese company mandate, Poliedra was responsible for the landscape impact assessment and landscape report related to several buildings designed as part of the Expo 2015 exhibition site.

In particular our analysis focused on: Cascina Triulza – Civil Society Pavilion, the Expo Center, the International Media Center (never built), the Open Air Theatre, the Service Areas, the Expo-Merlata footbridge, the Expo-Fiera footbridge.
The analysis considered the complex relationships both among the different pavilions and between them and the exhibition site, in order to take into account the evolving scenario represented by the site incremental project. This approach allowed to evaluate the impact of the design solutions and to highlight interferences and contact points with the existing and in-changing landscape.

Client: Metropolitana Milanese S.p.A.

Period: 2013 2014