Action Plan for the sustainable Energy for Romano di Lombardia and Cividate al Piano municipalities

Support to the Municipalities of Romano di Lombardia and Cividate al Piano (BG) for the elaboration of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan.

The project aimed to improve the local use of energy, increase the supply from renewable sources and reduce CO2 emissions, through the assumption of the commitments arising from the signing of the “Covenant of Mayors“: the evaluation of the current emission levels (Baseline Emission Inventory – BEI); the establishment of an “energy vision” for 2020 and target for improvement; the identification of the interventions to reach the target and the development of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP); the implementation of the actions and the monitoring, quantification and testing of the benefit obtained.

The project has seen, in support to the technical activities, a number of awareness raising and citizens and stakeholders involvement actions.:

The participatory activities were supported by recurring information actions about the progress of the works and for the presentation of the results achieved, with the aim to maintain the visibility of the project.

The SEAP and the Energy regulations Annex have been approved by the two municipal Councils at the end of May 2013, and sent to the EU Commission for approval.

Client: Romano di Lombardia e Cividate al Piano (BG)

Period: 2012 2013