Empowering climate resilience

CARE, financed by the EU Erasmus+ Program, involves 16 partners, 6 in Europe and 10 in Latin America, to address a very urgent topic: most Latin America countries are dealing with climate risk management issues, but they lack a holistic and common approach to resilience.

The project aims at the collective production, development, sharing, testing and dissemination of Open Educational Resources, based on the use of collaborative Conceptual Maps. Being publicly available on the CARE e-learning platform in English and Spanish, they are expected to empower programme courses in HEIs (CARE Cmaps) and provide targeted training for professionals, public officers, policy makers (Open Training Modules).

Funding programme: Erasmus +

Period: 2016 2018


Poliedra will contribute to most of the project activities and will lead WP2, aimed at developing CARE Cmaps and Open Training Modules.