Innovative solutions of electric car-sharing in medium and small size urban centers

The I-SharE LIFE project, funded under the LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency program, was developed by a consortium that brought together 7 partners: FNM S.p.A., ASSTRA, E-Vai, Nordcom, Poliedra, Dyvolve and Città di Osijek ( Croatia).

The project had the following goals:

  • test innovative solutions for sharing electric vehicles in small and medium-sized urban areas;
  • identify alternative transport solutions that are environmentally and economically sustainable;
  • increase the use of latest generation electric vehicles, through sharing done by various subjects, in order to reduce the number of conventional internal combustion vehicles in circulation and the atmospheric load of pollutants.

The innovative service models have been tested in the realities of Bergamo, Bollate, Busto Arsizio – in Italy – and in the city of Osijek in Croatia. Poliedra actively coordinated the involvement of Users or Beta Users who participated in the tests and in the User Research and Co-design activities. The activities were used to refine the models respecting the needs not only of the territorial realities, but also of the users themselves by improving the touchpoints and the service technology.

The vehicles used to test and evaluate these service models traveled 1,319,383 km in 25 months during the project (1,156,759 km in Italy and 162,624 km in Croatia).

As regards replicability, on the basis of the experience of I-SharE LIFE, the partner E-Vai has consequently activated car sharing services in 43 Italian municipalities.

Funding programme: European Union (LIFE)

Period: 2018  2021