Innovative solutions of electric car-sharing in medium and small size urban centers

I-SharE LIFE is positioned within the thematic priority for Air Quality and Emissions including the Urban Environment of LIFE Sub-programme for Environment and Resource Efficiency.

The main environmental target of I-SharE LIFE is the reduction of pollutants and atmospheric loads, in particular PM10 and NO2; this aim is also compounded by a more climate-related aim, i.e. the mitigation in the emission of greenhouse gases from road transport and urban mobility.

As far as the demonstration actions are concerned, a total of 50 electric cars are to be used in the demonstration actions in the four cities in Lombardy, Italy, and further 8 e-cars will be used in the demonstrations sites in Osijek, Croatia.

The focus on small to mid-sized urban areas also allows for innovative replicability and transferability opportunities in other small to mid-sized urban areas, as detailed in the dedicated sections of the proposal.

Funding programme: European Union (LIFE)

Period: 2018  2021

It is composed by 7 partners: FNM S.p.A., ASSTRA, E-Vai, Nordcom, Poliedra, Dyvolve and the City of Osijek (Croatia).


Poliedra has the task of coordinating the activities of User Research and Co-design of service models with different users (commuters, Public Administration, private companies, etc.) in order to create a service designed around the real needs of the customer and improve touchpoints. In particular, it wants to redefine the integrated technology platform through the user experience analysis.