AMAZING - Polisocial Award 2022

Atlas Mountains, Aurès Zone. INterconnecting local sciences and Global

The AMAZING Project – Polisocial Award 2022 – analyses with an interdisciplinary approach the critical issues, peculiarities and potential of a context understood as an open system, faced with the global challenges of abandonment, desertification and loss of knowledge: the Uadi Abiod valley, in Algeria. The valley could recover its economic, social and identity footprint, thanks to the targeted and participatory combination of ancient sciences and polytechnic knowledge.

​​The fundamental objectives of the project, which involves various departments of the Politecnico di Milano (DICA, DAStU, DMEC, DABC, DIG), are:

  • to increase the resilience of the territory to the challenges posed by climate change by guaranteeing equity, inclusion and cultural sustainability;
  • to trigger processes of ecological transition and social innovation, structured with participatory methods around three thematic objectives: optimization of water resources, redevelopment of historic buildings and circular economy.

Transversal to these themes is the enhancement of the Berber cultural heritage.

The role of Poliedra, Project Partner, is to methodologically support the research Group and the partnership with reference to the participatory activities of the project. We believe that implementing consultation paths to get to know the territory, map its needs and enhance its skills and knowledge, as well as co-planning paths to define the interventions is the most appropriate, effective way of proceeding, integrated with the local context and responsive to the needs of those who live there. The use of participatory methodologies also makes it possible to build spaces for collaboration and co-responsibility, which can guarantee future sustainability of the actions inaugurated with the AMAZING project and their management.

Funding program: Polisocial (progetto vincitore award anno 2022)

Period: 2023 – 2024


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