Deep Demonstrator Milano

The goal of the EIT-Climate-KIC Deep Demonstrator Milano (DDMI) project is to contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of the city of Milan and to the achievement of the “Carbon Neutral City” target by 2050.

The DDMI project operates in support of the Air Climate Plan (PAC) of the Municipality of Milan, whose guidelines and start of the procedure were approved on 4 October 2019 (GC Resolution no. 1653). The PAC aims at reducing air pollution, protecting health and the environment, and responding to the climatic emergency.

The DDMI project envisages in particular, in addition to some experiments among the actions of the PAC (for example on the subject of buildings refurbishment, urban reforestation, …), an engagement process of the local community in the PAC development, aimed at raising awareness and co-responsibility in the whole citizenship in order to achieve the PAC’s objectives.

The 2020 activities include:

  • a preliminary questionnaire
  • an initiative to launch the process immediately after the adoption of the PAC
  • working tables dedicated to specific categories of SHs for the formulation of “collective observations”, articulated according to the five key pillars of the PAC:
    • Healthy and inclusive Milan: a clean, fair, open and supportive city
    • Connected and highly accessible Milan: a city that moves in a sustainable, flexible, active and safe way
    • Milan with positive energy: a city that consumes less and better
    • Fresher Milan: a greener, fresher and livable city that adapts to climate changes, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants
    • Aware Milan: a city that adopts conscious lifestyles
  • workshops dedicated to the territories of the nine Municipalities for the formulation of “territorial observations”
  • the collection of individual observations through the Municipality’s web platform dedicated to participation and online consultation
  • a documentary restitution of the results of the participatory process and a final visibility event for the city

Poliedra, together with the Municipality and AMAT, coordinates and manages the process of involving stakeholders and citizens, in particular as regards the activities of working tables and local workshops.

The partnership of the project involves, in addition to Poliedra: Municipality of Milan, AMAT-Mobility, Environment and Territory Agency of Milan and Politecnico di Milano – Energy Department.

Programma di finanziamento: EIT Climate-KIC – Deep Demonstrations (DD) programme

Periodo: 2020

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