Reorganization of local public transport in Lombardy

Technical support to Lombardia Region Transports and Infrastructure DG during the Italian Local Public Transport reform period, in the 90s.

The activities concerned:

  • the subdivision of the regional territory in homogeneous areas in order to remodel the road Public Transport system by means of a negotiation between the Regional Council and the provincial administrations;
  • the design of the operational aspects for public services tenders with a particular attention to the evaluation criteria of bids, developed by using a simulation game with the associations of the regional transport companies;
  • the definition of criteria, at the regional level, to identify the low-demand areas and the elaboration of tools on support of the revision of the transport services in these areas, including flexible and innovative transport systems;;
  • the design and setting of operational tools to optimize the overlapping cases and the redundancy between the rail transport supply and the road transport one, favoring integration among transport modes;
  • the design and implementation of MISTRAL, a software supporting the planning, management and monitoring of Local Public Transport.

Client: Regione Lombardia

Period: 1996 2001