Decision Support System for planning alternatives

Poliedra has developed a decision support system (DSS) for the generation and evaluation of plan alternatives. The project has been commissioned by the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) of the Politecnico di Milano and financed by the Fondi di Ateneo per la Ricerca di Base (FARB | University Research Funds).

The aim is to develop, implement and test a model for the generation of alternative plans starting from a series of elementary actions characterized by a system of criteria (technical, economic, environmental feasibility, etc.). The generation process, exploiting and adapting a Knapsack model, supports the construction of a set of plans that have good performances with respect to the evaluation criteria and to synergies among elementary actions (identified with the help of technical experts). The generation phase is followed by an assessment and ranking phase of the alternatives, which is performed through the application of Multi-Critical Analysis (AMC) and takes into account the points of view of the stakeholders involved.

The model is tested on the case study “Goccia di Bovisa”, a proposal for an urban redevelopment of an area of Milan.

Client: Dipartimento DAStU – Politecnico di Milano

Period: 2017