Francesco Ballio

Full professor of hydraulics, he teaches fluid mechanics and fluvial hydraulics in the civil, environmental and industrial field at Politecnico di Milano.
A significant part of his teaching activity focuses on the management of flood risk, for which he carries out dissemination activities and specialized training on a wide spectrum (from primary school pupils to Civil Protection volunteers and professionals in the sector).
He is a member of the IAHR Flood Risk Management Committee and co-head of the research group on flood damage at Politecnico di Milano.

He has been a consultant for various public bodies in the field of natural hazards management (Ministry of Public Works, Po basin Authority, several Italian Regions, Italian State Railways). He was the Rector’s delegate for relations with the Gulf countries.

His research interests concern erosion phenomena in rivers, sediment mechanics and solid transport, flood risk management, flood damage assessment (ex-ante, ex-post). He holds a patent in the field of hydro-geological monitoring. He is the author of about 120 research works.

He has been president of Poliedra since 2017.


Alessandro Luè

At Poliedra since 2002, he has over 20 years of experience in applied research for decision support and sustainable mobility. He was Research Associate at the Intelligent Transportation Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001-2002). At Politecnico di Milano, he taught at the faculties of Engineering and Design (2002-2017) and was adjunct professor of the course “Methods and models for transport decisions” at the faculty of Industrial Engineering (2006-2010).

He has extensive experience in managing complex projects and coordinating interdisciplinary groups, gained in particular as supervisor for Poliedra of projects funded by European (FP7, Horizon 2020, Interreg Europe, Climate-KIC), national and regional programs.

His competences, on which he has more than 60 publications, concern: decision support systems, multi-criteria analysis, sharing mobility, electric mobility, mobility management, optimization models for transport and logistics, intelligent transport system, smart cities and communities.

He has been the managing director of Poliedra since November 2021.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the consortium activities and supervises economic-financial aspects.

The president of Poliedra is Prof. Francesco Ballio.

Scientific Committee

Our Scientific Committee has two main functions: it discusses the general scientific performance of the consortium and it recommends future developments. It coordinates our activities with those of Politecnico’s departments, identifying opportunities and synergies.

The present Committee has been in charge since March 2018 and it will be chairing until 2023.

The consortium is formed by

The members of the Board of Directors and of the Scientific Commitee of Poliedra are professors of Politecnico di Milano.

Francesco Ballio

President - Poliedra

Full professor

ICAR/01 – Hydraulics

Alfonso Fuggetta

Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director - Cefriel

Full professor

ING-INF/05 – Information Processing Systems

Gabriele Pasqui

DAStU - Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani

Full professor

ICAR/20 – Urban And Regional Planning

Vittorio Chiesa

President MIP - Graduate School of Business

Full professor

ING-IND/35 – Business And Management Engineering

Stefano Tubaro

DEIB - Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria

Full professor

ING-INF/03 – Telecommunications

9 of the 12 Departments of the Politecnico are represented in the Scientific Commitee of Poliedra:

Department of architecture and urban studies (DAStu) Politecnico di Milano

Antonio Longo

Full professor

ICAR/21 – Urban Design And Landscape

Eugenio Morello

Associate professor

ICAR/20 – Urban And Regional Planning

Department of architecture, built environment and construction engineering (DABC) Politecnico di Milano

Nora Lombardini

Associate professor

ICAR/19 – Conservation And Restoration Of Architecture

Elena Mussinelli

Full professor

ICAR/12 – Architectural Technology

Department of design  (DESIGN) Politecnico di Milano

Francesca Rizzo

Full professor

ICAR/13 – Design

Luca Studer

Assistant professor

ICAR/05 – Transportation

Department of electronics, information and bioengineering  (DEIB) Politecnico di Milano

Luciano Baresi

Full professor

ING-INF/05 – Information Processing Systems

Renato Casagrandi

Full professor

BIO/07 – Ecology

Department of energy  (DEng) Politecnico di Milano

Francesco Causone

Associate professor

ING-IND/11 – Building Physics And Building Energy Systems

Dario Zaninelli

Full professor

ING-IND/33 – Electrical Power Systems

Department of civil and environmental engineering (DICA) Politecnico di Milano

Maria Antonia Brovelli

Full professor

ICAR/06 – Surveying And Mapping

Elena Sezenna

Assistant professor

ICAR/03 – Sanitary And Environmental Engineering

Department of management engineering (DIG) Politecnico di Milano

Michela Arnaboldi

Full professor

ING-IND/35 – Business And Management Engineering

Marco Melacini

Associate professor

ING-IND/17 – Industrial Mechanical Systems Engineering

Department of mathematics (DMAT) Politecnico di Milano

Michele Correggi

Full professor

MAT/07 – Mathematical Physics

Luca Formaggia

Full professor

MAT/08 – Numerical Analysis

Department of mechanical engineering (DMec) Politecnico di Milano

Federico Cheli

Full professor

ING-IND/13 – Applied Mechanics

Gianpiero Mastinu

Full professor

ING-IND/14 – Mechanical Design And Machine Construction

Three representatives of the consortium bodies also participate in the work of the Scientific Commitee:

Emiliano Verga

Digital ecosystem manager

Federico Frattini

Full professor

Francesco Zurlo

Full professor