On 22 May, the Kick Off Meeting of the OPTI-UP project (Optimising and greening Public Transport networks through Integration with Urban Planning and data-driven approaches), which promotes more environmentally sustainable urban mobility systems, was held in Zagreb.

EY Croatia, the project leader, hosted the partnership, which includes a broad partnership from countries such as Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia.

With co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund Interreg Central Europe, the project aims to create strategic, data-driven foundations over the next two years. These foundations are essential for integrating environmentally friendly public transport into urban planning. Pilot cities will test new solutions for DRT, intelligent route planning and fleet optimisation at six pilot sites.

The KOM gave an overview of the project, outlining its vision for the transformation of public transport. It defined in detail the activities that will take place in the 3 work packages, ranging from analysis and planning to solution creation, implementation and replication. In addition, a review of the project’s organisation and communication plan was conducted to improve its visibility.

Poliedra is the leader, together with TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), of WP 1: ‘Analysis and Planning‘, which involves supporting and accompanying Partners in the detailed analysis of existing public transport networks and public transport planning practices and integration with spatial planning in selected small and medium-sized cities in Central Europe. Finally, it will see the development of a comprehensive strategy for a sustainable and more efficient public transport network.