[27/9/2019]  The first edition of the Master DESIGN FOR DEVELOPMENT. Architecture, Urban Planning and Heritage in the Global South started last Monday. The Master aims to improve professional skills to face the challenges of inclusive, sustainable urban development, with particular reference to the regions of the Global South and to countries with emerging economies.

The Welcome day was opened by:

  • Alberto Colorni Vitale – Poliedra’s Director
  • Emanuela Colombo – Rector’s Delegate to Cooperation and Development; UNESCO Chair on Energy for Sustainable Development
  • Alessandro Balducci – Scientific Responsible Project DAStU Department of Excellence 2018-2022: “Territorial Fragilities”

After the greetings, the Master’s programme, which also includes a three weeks workshop in Mozambique and at least a three months internship in different countries of the Global South, was presented by the Master’s Committee:

  • Camillo Magni – Master’s Director
  • Laura Montedoro – Master’s Co-Director
  • Sonia Pistidda – Master’s Co-Director
  • Paola Bellaviti – Master’s Technical Director

Then, the more than 20 students coming from different parts of the world presented themselves. In the afternoon they attended the workshop Challenges and opportunities towards a Sustainable Growth for Africa’s Cities organized by FEEM, one of the Master’s partner.

For more information about this Master, please visit its website.