Simona Muratori

Expert in: Decision support systems for the environment and the territory Methods and procedures for environmental assessment Degree in Civil Engineering for Land Protection and Planning (1987) At Poliedra since 1996

Andrea Mora

Expert in: Cooperation for development and integrated urban/rural development Europlanning in the climatic, environmental and mobility fields Territorial governance and spatial planning Environmental monitoring and assessment Degree in Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning (2015) PhD in Urban and Regional Development (2021) At Poliedra since 2024

Annalisa Lodigiani

Expert in: Sustainability strategies, policies and monitoring systems in the Agenda 2030 framework EU rural development policies for the environment and landscape Urban and territorial planning Degree in Urban Planning and Territorial Policies (2010) PhD in Territorial Government and Planning (2017) At Poliedra since 2023

Gianluca Lentini

Expert in: Climatology (past climate reconstruction and future projections) EU projcts in the climatic, environmental and mobility fields Scientific coordination of projects for the mountain environment Scientific dissemination and training Degree in Geological Sciences, Geophysical specialisation (2003) At Poliedra since 2015

Elena Girola

Expert in: Environmental assessment and impact assessment of territorial, sectoral and EU funded plans and programs Environmental monitoring Design, organisation and facilitation of participatory processes Territorial analysis using GIS systems Degree in Environmental Engineering (2008) At Poliedra since 2008

Giuliana Gemini

Expert in: Design and management of participatory processes and e-participation Decision support methods and tools for the involvement of actors in the choices for the territory and the environment Methodological and procedural aspects of the strategic environmental assessment Degree in Environmental Sciences (1999) At Poliedra since 2009

Selene Cremonesi

Expert in: Land planning and environmental monitoring Analysis and visualization of environmental and energy data GIS mapping and reporting Scientific dissemination and communication about sustainability Degree in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering (2020) At Poliedra since 2021

Francesca Costa

Expert in: Analyses and methodologies for sustainable mobility Road safety analysis methods Urban and territorial planning Degree in Civil Engineering (2004) PhD in Territorial Planning (2008) At Poliedra from 2018

Mara Cossu

Expert in: Methodological aspects and operational tools for strategic environmental assessment Planning at urban and territorial scale Territorial analysis and cartography Degree in Architecture (2000) Master in Bio-ecological Architecture and Sustainable Technologies for the Environment (2005) PhD in Territorial planning and policies (2011) At Poliedra since 2008

Elena Conte

Expert in: Environmental and landscape assessment of plans, programs and projects Enhancement of landscape and cultural heritage Heritage education, museum education Negotiated planning and support to Local Authorities EU Structural Funds Degree in Classics (2001) Master in Analysis and Management of the Environment and Landscape (2002) At Poliedra since 2008