The 5 regions of Prometeus, with the support of Poliedra, have completed and delivered the Regional Action Plans for Electric Mobility of the Prometeus project, the main output of the first phase of the project.

The 5 Action Plans represent the result of 2 and a half years of knowledge exchange activities, in a methodology structured by Poliedra, and of mutual learning between the 5 regions of Malta, Lazio, Carinthia, Castile-Leon and Prešov.

The main activities envisaged by the Action Plans are the following:

  • incentives and tax reductions for the purchase of private electric vehicles and of electric vehicles for public transport (Malta, Castile-Leon, Prešov),
  • creation of guidelines for electrical infrastructures (Lazio, Castilla-Leon),
  • creation of a competence center for the testing electric vehicles and for knowledge exchanges (Carinthia),
  • training and raising awareness activities for the younger generations (Malta, Prešov),
  • planning of electric public transport in areas protected (Prešov).

The second phase of the project will see the implementation of the 5 Action Plans and the monitoring of the activities.

For more information about PROMETEUS visit the project website and facebook page.