Silvia Arcari

Head of education and training

Expert in: Methodological and procedural aspects of strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment Environmental assessment of urban and territorial plans Analysis and management of georeferenced databases and GIS elaborations for planning Degree in Environmental Engineering (1998) At Poliedra since 2000

Silvia Pezzoli

Head of research

Expert in: Programming and integrated design tools for land use transformations and the environment Urban and territorial planning Environmental assessment and monitoring of plans and programs Landscape assessment of plans and projects Geographic Information Systems Degree in Territorial, Urban and Environmental Planning (2003) Master in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing (2009) At Poliedra since…

Alessandro Luè

Head of research

Expert in: Methods for decision aiding and for the evaluation of plans and projects Optimization algorithms for transport Design and implementation of sustainable mobility services Intelligent transport systems Degree in Environmental Engineering (1999) PhD in Design (2015) At Poliedra since 1999