Enrica Zucca

Expert in: Environmental assessment of urban plans and territorial projects Analysis and assessment of landscape aspects in planning processes Representation of territorial phenomena Environmental sustainability tools for local authorities and green procurement Degree in Territorial, Urban and Environmental Planning (2005) Master in Sustainable Development and Territorial Promotion (2007) At Poliedra since 2009

Silvia Vaghi

Expert in: Procedural and methodological aspects of strategic environmental assessment Environmental and territorial analysis and reporting Strategic planning and tools for local development EU cohesion and rural development policies Degree in Environmental Sciences (1999) At Poliedra since 2005

Paola Tresca

Expert in: Optimization of transport systems Quantitative analysis of data and processes Languages ​​and pseudolanguages ​​for mathematical programming Degree in Mathematical Engineering (2017) At Poliedra from 2018

Ferdinando Stanta

Expert in: Regulation, organization and programming of public services (in particular railways and public transport) Economic analysis, feasibility checks and elaboration of business plans Training on economics and regulation of public services Degree in Economics (1992) Accountant and Auditor At Poliedra since 1996

Carlotta Sigismondi

Expert in: Environmental assessment and monitoring of plans and programs Analyses and evaluations on the themes of rural development and biodiversity Tools and methods for participated local development Tools for the sustainability of public administrations with attention to green procurement Degree in Biological Sciences, Bio-ecology specialisation (1998) Master in Environmental Management at a local scale…

Valeria Penso

Expert in: Environmental impact assessment of plans and projects Urban and territorial planning Air quality modeling Territorial analysis through GIS Degree in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering (2018) Master in Urban and Territorial Planning (2021) At Poliedra since 2021

Valerio Paruscio

Expert in: Feasibility studies for sustainable mobility services Optimization of transport systems GIS territorial analysis Environmental assessment and monitoring Degree in Environmental Engineering (2006) At Poliedra since 2006

Simona Muratori

Expert in: Decision support systems for the environment and the territory Methods and procedures for environmental assessment Degree in Civil Engineering for Land Protection and Planning (1987) At Poliedra since 1996

Valerio Mazzeschi

Expert in: Territorial analysis and thematic maps GIS designing Rural and urban planning Local development Transport/territory integration Degree in Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development (2016) Master Course in Sustainable Development, Geopolitical of Resources and Arctic Studies (2016) PhD in Transportation and Infrastructures (2020) At Poliedra since 2020

Gianluca Lentini

Expert in: Climatology (past climate reconstruction and future projections) EU projcts in the climatic, environmental and mobility fields Scientific coordination of projects for the mountain environment Scientific dissemination and training Degree in Geological Sciences, Geophysical specialisation (2003) At Poliedra since 2015