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Poliedra is a consortium at Politecnico di Milano, one of the most important Italian universities in engineering, architecture and design. The center promotes and supports the dissemination of knowledge, by research and training activities, in the fields of integration of the environmental concernssustainable mobility and participation into public decision processes.

Under the spotlight
Sharing Economy in Milano

Poliedra is one of the stakeholders selected by the Municipality for promoting the Smart city goals in Milano, beyond the initiative Milano Sharing City.


The consortia of the two EU-funded projects – INSPIRE-Grid and BESTGRID – kindly invite you to the workshop “How to engage stakeholders in landscape planning, design and aesthetics of grid infrastructure
May 19–20 2015, Milan

European projects 

Poliedra has participated in several European projects, designed and developed in partnership with research centres, public bodies and consulting firms. For some of those projects Poliedra played the role of coordination. [Read More]