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Poliedra is a consortium at Politecnico di Milano, one of the most important Italian universities in engineering, architecture and design. The center promotes and supports the dissemination of knowledge, by research and training activities, in the fields of integration of the environmental concerns, sustainable mobility and participation into public decision processes.


Urban Logistics convention 05|11|17

Poliedra takes part to the convention “Logistica Urbana, un circuito virtuoso: dalle esigenze alle proposte”, describing the integrated approach for the smart city followed within Sharing Cities project. The convention will take place on 16th November, at the Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca. Here the program.

Prometeus events in Klagenfurt 20|10|17

Poliedra, advisory partner in Prometeus, participated in the meeting of the project’s second semester, that have been held in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, on 3-6 October. The activities encompassed the first Focused Meeting of the project, organised by Poliedra, in which Malta, Lazio and Carinthia discussed on how effectively transfer policies and good practices on electric mobility to one another. The second Steering Committee of the project was held with the presentation of the activities of all partners, and the Interregional Workshop focused on the presentation of good practices and case studies on electric mobility infrastructures and award systems on electric mobility from Austria and Germany. The field visits presented different types of electric infrastructures in Klagenfurt, as well as electric boats on the Wörthersee.

River Contracts monitoring system 10|10|17

The “Methodological document about the River Contracts monitoring system” is now available on the Lombard River Contracts website (download here). The document was edited by Poliedra within the Technical Secretariat supporting the regional River Contracts team; it describes phases, timing and tools to implement a system able to track the achievement of River Contracts target such as the improvement of water quality, the reduction of flooding risk and the spreading of awareness of the fluvial system value.

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