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Poliedra is a consortium at Politecnico di Milano, one of the most important Italian universities in engineering, architecture and design. The center promotes and supports the dissemination of knowledge, by research and training activities, in the fields of integration of the environmental concernssustainable mobility and participation into public decision processes.


Opti-Log Opti-LOG project of the month for TTS Italia 29|01|16

Opti-LOG (OPTImal and sustainable LOGistics in urban areas) has been selected as project of the month for TTS Italia, the Italian National Association for Telematics for Transport and Safety.

cop21 Poliedra analysis on COP21 in Paris 23|12|15

The on-line journal, partner of, hosts Poliedra’s contributions on the outcome of the COP21 in Paris: a good agreement, exceeding expectations, that must be put into effect at the soonest. The article (in Italian) is here.

cop21 Interview with Poliedra on COP21 16|11|15

The web journal L’Indro has interviewed Poliedra on the outlook of the Paris Conference of Parties (COP21), with a focus on the possibility of binding agreements on the reduction of emissions. The interview (in Italian) is available here.

bitibi_logo Opening of Bicycle parking station in Como 18|09|15

Tuesday September 22nd, at 11 am, at the railway station of Como Borghi, the new Bicycle parking station will be opened. Cofinanced by Fondazione Cariplo, it has been realized by Ferrovie Nord and Poliedra whitin BiTiBi European project.

Poliba_stemma Research agreement between Poliedra and Politecnico di Bari  27|07|15

Poliedra and Politecnico di Bari signed on may 2015 a research agreement to collaborate on joint initiatives. Study activities, research projects and innovative paths to environmental and territorial governance will be  shared, tested and carried out.

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